I have to say, he handled this about as good as anyone could have.

There is a service called Cameo, which allows you to pay celebrities to make personalized videos. Usually they are for simple things like saying happy birthday or good luck, but Cheyenne used it in a different way.

She paid Mark McGrath, the lead singer of the 90s band Sugar Ray to break up with her boyfriend on her behalf.

McGrath, God bless him, took on the duty like a true professional! You can tell it was very awkward for him, and he actually cared about what he was saying, but hey, a gig is a gig! It probably went on for 60 seconds too long, but he did his best to deliver bad news with compassion.

I’m a fan of the guy, I think he’s a good dude, and this just solidified that for me a bit more.

Oh, and good luck on your thesis, Braden!