Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and earlier this week, panic set in. It’s July already. In fact, we’re already almost through the first week of July. So why am I panicking?

Because I love summertime, and it always feels too short. In fact, I feel like I’ve gotten way behind in my summer activities. Summer is the time when I have always hang out with my kids, but my oldest is now working full-time. I’ve also been out of town, and I feel like summer is slipping away, so now I’ve got to cram as much into this next 6 weeks as possible, before my youngest leaves again for college.

Yes, I am still that Mom that wants to hang out with my kids as much as possible. They of course are more interested in hanging out with their friends, but they truly don’t mind hanging out with me once in awhile. (and yes, I’ve been hanging out with my own friends too! In fact, a bunch of us are going to see Heart next week, no kids allowed!)

So now I’m planning a weekend getaway for my husband and two kids, but I need more ideas. How will you be spending the rest of the summer? Let us know in the comments

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