Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  So it’s that time of year again.  Time to get a tree set up in your living room.

There’s always been a difference of opinion between artificial or real Christmas trees.  But it’s always been about things like convenience or tradition.  Now the debate has expanded to the subject of what kind of tree is more sustainable.

On one hand, artificial trees are made of plastic.  In the UK, the town of Penzance (pirates not included) recently lit up their holiday display with 150 artificial trees.  Residents were a little miffed, especially because Penzance bills itself as the UK’s first “plastic free” town.  But what’s the alternative?  Real trees mean that you’re cutting down trees.  By the ton!

It’s like sometimes in a public bathroom when they have paper towels and an electric dryer.  What’s better — to use a bunch of paper or a bunch of electricity?

Really the only way for humans to be 100% sustainable is to completely give up all technology.  Nobody should hold their breath on that one, so I guess you have to decide which alternative is best in each situation.  Boy, trying not to use up the earth is a lot of work.