What makes you happy?  Or what can make you feel happier?  Lets talk about it.

I am fortunate to do a job I love.  So that makes me happy.  I have close friends that are there when I need them.  But sometimes the little things that happen in your life is what can make you the happiest!

Ever win tickets from us on The River? That makes people a little happier.  Ever get something for free that you were not expecting?  Sure…it would put a smile on my face too.   Or getting a monetary bonus from work…yeah that works too.

People were asked what could make them instantly feel happier.  Some of the responses:

Winning The Lottery.  Duh!

Sleeping all through the night

Perfect weather

Finding money in the pocket of your pants.

Obviously money seems to be a common thought to make us instantly happier, but try and search for the little things in you life that can make you happiest.  I think you will find it will make you world a little bit easier to be a part of.

~ Tim Thomas