What Modern Gadget Do You Love?

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I really think that the more time we spend on our phones, the less time we spend actually being present with people. However, today I was very grateful for my phone, plus another little gadget.

It’s called Tile, and it looks just like a little tile that I keep on my keychain.

As it was getting ready for work today, I couldn’t find my keys. I looked everywhere I could think of, and panic was getting to set in. And, I need my keys to lock my house, drive my car, and lock the radio station when I leave tonight!

And then I remembered Tile! I grabbed my phone, turned on the Tile app, and within a few minutes I heard the beeping of the Tile that is on my key chain. Guess where they were? My keys had somehow slipped inside the tissue box! I can’t imagine ever having found them until the next time I went to use a tissue out of that particular box.

So today, I am very, very grateful for Tile. You can find out more about Tile HERE.