What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day Is . . .

I will admit, when I was home for Mother’s Day, My Mom just wanted to go out and have Margaritas and Mexican Food.  Her true desire was to have all 5 kids home for Mother’s Day but once we all grew up that didn’t happen that often.  Check out what Today’s Mom’s really want…

If you’re still stumped on what to give mom for Mother’s Day . . . don’t overthink it.  Being a mom is a tough job, and you can’t just “clock-out.”  So maybe the best gift is giving her . . . A BREAK.

The website Time2Play.com surveyed over 1,000 moms with young kids, and asked them what they REALLY want.  Then, they broke down the results by state.

The most popular answer was . . . A NAP.  (that represents Mother’s in Illinois…see the state link below)

Moms in 21 states want a nap more than anything else.  The second most popular answer was a MEAL that they don’t have to cook.  That was #1 in 18 states.

The third most popular answer was cleaning or help with chores.  So moms don’t want a new vacuum, they want someone TO vacuum.

Other responses include:  A spa treatment, flowers, and a simple card.  Basically thoughtfulness over extravagance . . . indulgence over an appliance . . . and a day off to rest and relax as a show of appreciation.


(You can see the top response in each state, here.)