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What one item are you embarrassed to buy at a store?

I never liked buying feminine products for my family when I was a kid.  I’m ok with it now, but still feel uncomfortable searching for the right product when I’m in a store.  What about you?

In a new survey, 75% of people admitted to trying to hide embarrassing items among a larger purchase . . . and 89% would rather buy those things online, even if it was more expensive.

The survey asked what items people were shy about buying . . . and it was mostly stuff that felt too personal, or might make them seem unclean or unhealthy.

Condoms were #1, followed by emergency contraceptives . . . bed bug spray . . . head lice treatment . . . hemorrhoid cream . . . diarrhea relief . . . pregnancy tests . . . adult diapers for incontinence . . . period products . . . and cold sore treatment.

And it isn’t just the cashier that we’re worried about.  It’s also OTHER SHOPPERS.

72% of people worry that other shoppers will judge their purchases . . . and that’s warranted, because 67% of us admit that we ARE judgmental of other shoppers from time to time.  (Here’s a tip:  Small talk is fine at a store . . . but no one EVER wants to discuss the stuff they’re buying.)


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