The fate of the iconic bell tower adorning Naperville’s river walk is up for a vote by the city council in the near future.

Moser Tower was built in 1999 to commemorate the third millennium and 21st century. It is 160 ft tall and has 72 carillon bells. The carillon structure is said to be one of the four largest in the United States.

Before that happens, the Riverwalk Committee must submit their official recommendation. A vote on what that recommendation is set for February.

NCTV-17 filed an informational report outlining the three possibilities:

Option 1

The first would be repairing Moser Tower for just over $2.1 million, which includes 30 years of maintenance.

Option 2

The second option would be repairing it and partially enclosing the lower section of the structure for about $2.9 million, which includes 30 years of maintenance.

Option 3

The last alternative would be demolishing the 160-foot-tall structure for $726,000.

I, for one, love the tower. I love the sound. I love that the carillon an active, playable musical instrument! As a matter of fact, they played some AC/DC on the carillon bells the last time we were down in Downtown Naperville!

If the money is there, I hope they do repair it and keep it standing for decades to come.