So on Saturday I went into the city and hit up the Apollo theater to see Djembe! The Show.   More about that a little bit later on tonight but I thought in honor of that amazing rhythmic journey we would focus on the rhythm sections of songs, in particular the drum solo.  Now, live shows are known for usually having at least one epic drum solo (Mick Fleetwood has even had a drum solo on himself … I know that sounds weird but he had a specially made percussion vest.  Granted that was more gimicky than epic drum solo … but still kinda fun!)

However some drum solos make it onto actual recordings.  They may not go on as long as the live drum solo’s but they are still just as powerful.  (Although having said that I do remember my Dad having a Buddy Rich album where one side was literally just a really long drum solo)   There are some pretty sweet surf tunes that have dominant drums (think Ventures/Wipeout)  and soul music of the sixties had some very underrated drummers as well.   Some of my favorite drummers are actually those with a soul background that have joined rock bands.  I think they bring a unique and super cool sound to the band.   Drummers like Will Calhoun from Living Colour and Tony Thompson who was originally from Chic but went on to rock out with Robert Palmer in Power Station producing some fab tracks.

In the eighties when Adam and the Ants first came on the scene, they had a very tribal sound to their drumming.  Members of that band went on to form Bow Wow Wow (a bit of a scandalous band as the lead singer Annabella Lwin was so young … like 14 years old I think … Also Boy George was a member for about 5 minutes before forming Culture Club.)

Anyhoo … back to drummers … David Barbarossa originally from Adam and the Ants had quite a unique style … so I am going to go with Bow Wow Wow’s/ I Want Candy.    Such a fun song … cheer us up on a Monday!