Anyone have any leftover candy from Halloween?  Or did you eat it all?  It’s OK…it is hard to resist.

This may seem silly, but some people do not like to keep a lot of candy around the house.  For whatever reason.  They do not want to be tempted with it…perhaps they do not want their children or pets getting into it.  You have other options where it can be put to use.

  1.  Donate It!    Believe it or not there are programs where you can do this.  Some dentists offices will take it.  Ronald McDonald House also uses them for families who are staying there because their kids are receiving medical care. Might be a good idea.
  2. Bake With It!  Surely some brownie recipes might be even better with some leftover M & M’s ? Or you can freeze the candy for future use.
  3. Have A Party!  Pick a reason to have one…and leave the bowl on the counter!   🙂

You can click HERE for a few more ideas.

And there is no shame in eating it all…but maybe just space it out a bit.  Try not to eat in all in one sitting.  Think of it as a dessert or a reward for something well done.  Just do not let it go to waste…you worked hard for that candy right?

~ Tim Thomas