What To Know About Summer Flights And Travel.

So here we are on the cusp of the unofficial start to Summer! You know, Memorial Day Weekend, although today and tomorrow look to feel far from Summer, but remember how many Memorial Day gatherings you’ve been to that you spent a great deal of the time in someones garage or indoors because of chilly, wet weather! No matter, the Summer awaits and this weekend is the big breakout getaway weekend so many have longed and waited for. Travel is off the charts compared to anytime during the pandemic and that’s good news. We are turning the corner and the coronavirus is being beaten back (but make sure you’re doing your part and get vaccinated). I flew to Florida a couple of weeks ago to see my daughter, son-in-law and my two youngest grandsons. I’m driving to Cleveland next weekend for another grandsons high school graduation and then a week later headed to LA and then San Francisco to visit my other two sons on the west coast. I am traveling baby! I flew out to Tucson in February for some golf with some buddies and the airports weren’t that crowed, but times have changed and you need to be aware of what you may be dealing with. Here’s a piece that let’s you in on what’s happening!

What To Know About Summer Flights And Travel. Click Here.