Today’s Unscientific Poll Question….


What was your first live music experience?


I had another question in mind, but the Heart song I played last hour just moved me, if you know what I mean.


I remember being so excited to see the Wilson sisters perform back in 1985. I had just become a big fan of theirs after listening to the “Heart” album. Songs like “Never”, “What About Love”, “These Dreams” and a deep cut “The Wolf” had been my introduction. What was in store for me when I saw them live? A whole slew of songs that came out previously. “Little Queen”, Barracuda”, Dog & Butterfly”,
“Even It Up”, and my all-time favorite, “Straight On”.


There was and still is something about Anne’s voice that just captivates you, and those guitar licks just feed right into your rock music chromosomes.


I have had the privilege of seeing them live about seven times now. The last time, this past summer, was probably my greatest experience. Why you ask? Because I was able to share my love for Heart with the love of my life. Truly, an awesome time and I think she gained a new appreciation for them. Here is a pic from the show.


Ok, enough of me babbling about Heart…trust me I could go on and on, share you experiences with me below. Because in my opinion, nothing feeds the soul like Rock ‘N Roll!!!