Alexis Ohanian Sr. (husband of tennis goat Serena Williams and co-founder of Reddit) recently posted his first five jobs on Twitter and it started a trend.   Alexis posted the following five jobs

  1. Comp USA product demonstrator
  2. Pizza Hut dishwasher (then cook – then waiter)
  3. FedEx Warehouse box mover
  4. Parking booth attenedant
  5. Reddit found/CEO


So I thought I would do my first five jobs … then toss it over to you guys…

  1.  Sales person at a clothing store (first job so I thought it was cool)
  2. House cleaner (this was more fun than it sounded)
  3. Secretary at Radio Luxembourg  (my introduction to radio)
  4.  P.A. to Simon Fuller at 19 Mgt  (traveled the world in this job …look Simon up … he’s pretty mega and a really great guy to work for)
  5. DJ at Q101 in Chicago

Okay swing over to Facebook and tell me your first five jobs!