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What would be your baseball walk on song?

So today Nick Jakusz was off the air as he was taking his adorable little lad to a White Sox game.  We have a lot of baseball fans here at the River.  We all support different teams but we can all agree that baseball is awesome!

So one day Nick told me what song he would have walked on the field to if he had played ball professionally.   I had honestly never thought about this but needless to say, I instantly gave it some thought.

Yesterday we had a staff meeting at the River office and before the meeting started I asked all the other weekday jocks and a few other people what song they would like to walk on to a baseball field to and these are the answers I got …

Starting with the morning show …

Scott Mackay – Peace of Mind – Boston

Danielle Tufano – Walk this Way – Aerosmith

Now to be fair … Jan Shimek wasn’t in the meeting so he didn’t get to choose a walk on song…however Scott and Danielle chose one for him (sorry Jan)  – Morning Train – Sheena Easton

Midday legend Nick Jakusz went with When the levee breaks – Led Zepplin

Doin’ the Cruise onto the baseball field – Mitch Michaels went with – Bad Company – Bad Company

and I went with – Fools Gold – the Stone Roses (which I get has nothing to do with baseball or winning but has an amazing intro beat that I could strut my stuff to!)

So I also asked Aly from promotions and she chose Old Town Road – Little Nas and Billy Ray (there were a lot of groans around the meeting table after that one)

Our lovely office manager Erin wanted to walk on with Milkshake – Kelis (that could be part of a cross-promotion to sell milkshakes at the park … genuis!)

Lastly the big River boss Brian chose  Hair of the Dog – Nazareth (remind me to stay on his good side!!)


So now it’s your turn … swing over to Facebook and tell me which song you would like to walk on to the baseball field when it’s your turn up to bat?

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