There are some great bands out there where the lead vocal isn’t always the same person.   Of course the most famous and in my opinion probably the most fabulous band that has pulled this off is Fleetwood Mac.  Sometimes it’s Stevie on lead, sometimes it’s Christine and sometimes it’s Lindsey (and sometimes it’s all three of them.)   Such an amazing (and yet complicated) band.

There is a great British band called the Libertines that have two front men that I really love (but they are a bit sweary so I can’t post their videos … but check out Can’t Stand Me Now … great tune.)   Also there was a great band called The Beautiful South that had a similar set up to Fleetwood Mac except it was two male lead singers and one female.

One of my favorite voices that we lost way too soon was that of Benjamin Orr.  The soulful bassist of the Cars passed away at the age of 53 in 2000.  He sang lead vocals on hit songs like Just What I Needed and Let’s Go and of course Drive which is such a fabulous song that always makes me a little teary and miss Mr. Orr all the more.

However tonight I decided to go with two British lads who I have loved for decades … not only do they sing together but they also Shout together!  Curt often took lead vocals in earlier in Tears for Fears tracks and Roland took lead later on … and often they just bounce back and forth.  Both have great voices that totally compliment each other… So here you go… one of my fave’s with two lead singers.

So what band do you like who has more than one person on the mic?