So my hubby popped down to Nashville last month to meet up with Hootie and the Blowfish drummer Jim Sonefeld (who is from Naperville.)   This got me thinking how many bands have names that are “Someone and the Somethings”.  Now of course in the case of Hootie … there is no actual Hootie but many bands have an actual person’s name in the band title.

Motown was pretty big with this trend … Diana Ross and the Supremes … Smokey Robinson and the Miracles … Martha Reeves and the Vandellas etc.    but it is a trend that still carries on today with bands like Florence and the Machine and of course Elvis Costello who has had a couple variations of this theme (Elvis Costello and the Attractions … and … Elvis Costello and the Imposters.)

So have a think and tell me what are some of the bands that come to mind….

I of course had to reach back to the eighties  for my choice … to a certain Prince Charming back when he was still hanging out with his original band (who left him and ended up forming Bow Wow Wow with the gorgeous (albeit young) Annabella Lwin .   Of course like Hootie … there is no Adam really …just a Stuart but he is always fun and who doesn’t love an eighties flashback video!