Songs are often full of emotion.   A lot of time that emotion is romantic angst but occasionally the emotion is a bit lighter … some songs even have a bit of a giggle and that’s what we are looking for tonight.

Needless to say my first thought was that fab laugh at the beginning of Duran Duran’s Hungry like the Wolf.  But I just posted that video last week for another question so I thought about other songs…Situation by Yaz has a fun laugh in it.  I also love the laugh at the beginning of Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz.  Joni Mitchell even laughed in Big Yellow Taxi … so there are some absolute classics with a chuckle in them.   Def Leppard loves a good laugh too and you can hear them guffawing in a few of their songs.

But I went with this one … albeit it is not the sweetest laugh … in fact it’s a bit of an evil laugh, but it’s all tongue in cheek.  This is a great song about pirate radio (and who doesn’t love pirate radio!!)   This is the Clash … with This is Radio Clash…

So put a smile on your face and swing over to Facebook and tell me one of your favorite songs with a giggle in it.