Poor Bono has been looking and looking and looking for decades and he still hasn’t found for what he’s looking for.   (I would have given up by now!)

There have been so many amazing songs about searching and looking  and finding.  The song I chose is not one of them.  It’s a sappy eighties rock ballad with an equally tragic eighties video!   BUT when I was in high school a boy who I was madly in love with (as only a 16 year old could be) played this song for me one day and it has held a special spot in my adolescent heart ever since.

So I was madly in love with Matt Zacharias all through high school but he always dated girls much cooler than me … the edgier ones.  I was just the quirky little English girl with the nice parents.  (he had a tricky family life so he really liked hanging with my parents)  We were always friends but never anything more … UNTIL … he one day played this song for me and asked me out on a date… BE STILL MY 16 YEAR OLD HEART!!  I was so dizzy with excitement I thought I would faint.  Well, we dated off and on for several years … and it always ended with him breaking my heart.  Eventually I moved on and he moved to Texas …

At my 25th high school reunion I introduced him to my husband … they are both musicians so had a lot in common.  My hubby said … “So you are the legendary Matt Zacharias, I have heard a lot about you.”   Matt replied to my hubby … “But you are the one that got to marry her.”  Needless to say when my hubby told me that … I was 16 all over again.

So here is my tune … dedicated to all the unrequited high school love out there.