We all know and love a Bob.  I have an Uncle Bob … maybe you do too.  Maybe you have a brother Bob or a papa Bob … Bob’s are everywhere.  Where did all these Bob’s come from … well obviously Bob is a form of Robert. It arose later than Dob, Hob and Nob, which were medieval rhyming nicknames of Robert. Apparently it was borne by the character Bob Cratchit in Charles Dickens’ novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ (1843).  Who knew Tiny Tim’s Dad was the first Bob!   Also Bob is a palindrome which makes it an exceptionally cool word!

The music world is just like any other world … it’s full of Bob’s … So tonight we are celebrating them.  Tell me your favorite Bob in the world of music (extra points if you are a Bob telling me about your favorite Bob LOL!)

I went with one of my favorite Bob’s … I mean without him we wouldn’t have Band Aid or Live Aid.  He was born Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof but his mates call him Bob.  He was also the front man for the Boomtown Rats … a band I loved when I was a kid.