Songs have been used for sending all sorts of messages…. sometimes the messages are full of love … sometimes they are not.   Not all lyrical messages are deep and meaningful … sometimes they are just simply saying “Hey … I think you’re cool”   Lyrical compliments are lovely … let’s face it … it’s always fun to sing a complimentary lyric to a friend.  (“You look wonderful tonight”  “You are so beautiful”  “You Sexy  thing”)   Who wouldn’t want to have the Queen song “You’re my Best Friend” be sung to them.

So although it’s always great to be told your look nice … I have to say there is one compliment I always love hearing … I love to be told that I have good dance moves.  I just love dancing and if my moves get a compliment it makes me grin.   So if the Arctic Monkeys had written the below song about me … I would have been over the moon – ha ha.

So here is my musical compliment … (I’m going to send this one out to Jan Shimek and Officer Weaver after their amazing dance off at River Prom!)

Speaking of compliments … let’s fill this week with some positivity …  (Did you see that video with the little lad doing karate?  The support he had from his friends and coach made my heart swell!)

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time … say hello to a shy person

Hold the door open … Buy someone a coffee … Say thank you … Say sorry……Give a high five …

and how about giving someone a compliment 🙂