So as I may have mentioned (a few thousand times) I went and saw Heart in Detroit on Monday.    I was with my great friends from College and we had such a great time.   As is often the case we wanted to get psyched for the show by playing some Heart music as we were getting ready to leave.  My friend Cathy put on some Heart videos and this super cheesy eighties video popped up that I had totally forgotten about.  It is essentially a mini soap opera set to eighties rock.   So this had me thinking about songs that tell a story like the one below.

So there are so many great stories that are told through song.  Heck if you hit a pub in Ireland there is a good chance someone will break out into song that tells a great story.  Country music is full of stories (although most of them are a bit sad).  Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Bruce are all really good story tellers.

One of my earliest memories of a song that truly told a story was by a band I am actually going to see at the end of this month at the Chicago Theater.   The band Squeeze first came to light in England in the late 70’s … in fact Cool for Cats was one of the first 45’s I bought as a kid.  But I do remember this song playing on the radio and listening to the story of the young couple trying to make things work after they find out they are pregnant.   I have always loved this bands musical arrangements and the great voice of Glenn Tilbrook .    So if you aren’t familiar with this track … have a listen to Glenn telling the story of a young couple who are … well …really Up the Junction.