Not all great albums have a title track.   Many albums have a title that isn’t even mentioned in the songs … and some have the album title hidden in the lyrics but not actually mentioned in a song title … (like Elvis Costello’s song Allison which has the title of the album in the lyrics.)

So where do we begin.  There are some obvious choices for this category.  I mean come on Purple Rain anyone?  Yellow Brick Road?   John Lennon’s Imagine and David Bowie’s Heroes definitely deserve a shout out, but I went with a lesser known album.

On the heels of their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I am going to go with the Cure’s first US album release … Boys Don’t Cry which came out in February of 1980.  It is a short little tune packed with the usual angst and emotion you would expect from the Cure.  The album made it to #438 of Rolling Stones best 500 albums ever (which isn’t too shabby when you consider how many albums are out there).  So here you go, one of my favorite title tracks’ from an album.

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