So today’s music challenge is all together delicious.   If you have been listening I may have a bit of Easter candy on the brain.  This is mainly because I have bags of the stuff all around my house but I haven’t opened any of it… tomorrow is the big day.  I have been trying to live on lettuce leaves and celery so that I have a bit of a deficit for the impending candy consumption.   I love Easter candy (well not those horrible Peep things … what are they all about??)  But Creme Eggs, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies … I love them all.

So I thought today’s music challenge should be all about candy … the word candy is used a lot in music and there have even been a few songs about chocolate but that’s harder to rhyme … Candy is just a fun word and it works with the rhythmic beats.

However I had to go with the song below … not really about candy or chocolate … BUT …. hear me out.   When you eat candy your lips are covered in sugar … right?  So your lips are like sugar … Also this band is called Echo and the BUNNYmen … so the perfect Easter song really!  (and it’s from the eighties!)

So sadly there is no story or deep meaning behind this band’s name.    According to band member Will Sergeant …”We had this mate who kept suggesting all these names like The Daz Men or Glisserol and the Fan ExtractorsEcho and the Bunnymen was one of them. I thought it was just as stupid as the rest”    So there you go… they just went with that one.

So now it’s your turn to play this delicous challenge … head over to Facebook and tell me a song with a sweet tooth!