What’s the Buzz? I’ll Tell You What’s A-Happening!

(the title of this blog is paraphrased from a song from the musical Jesus Christ, Superstar)

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and Erika Thompson is my new hero. She has founded a company called Texas Beeworks, in order to save the bees.

She had a full time office job, but in 2019, she left it all behind to become a full-time beekeeper, with a mission to increase the population of bees and hives in her State of Texas.

Everyday, she travels around to rescue bees and their hives, from locations where they shouldn’t bee, I mean, be. Ya know, like homes and offices.

When she arrives, she assesses the situation and can usually tell if the bees mean to harm her. Yes, that’s right. She is a bee whisperer!

If she senses discontent among the hive, she will use protective clothing, but more often than not, she is able to relocate the hives safely without the extra gear.

When asked why the bees weren’t stinging her she replied, “After we remove the bees they’re relocated to one of our 25+ bee sanctuaries in the Austin area so that the bees can continue their important work in a place that is both safer for you and them.”

As you probably know, our bee population is threatened, so the work Erika is doing is extremely important. Hopefully it will spread to other parts of the country!