What’s Up with the Big Cow at The Lake County Farm Bureau?

A gapers’ delay Wednesday morning on Route 45 in Grayslake slowed traffic, but it wasn’t an accident that had drivers staring.

Rather, a 14-foot-tall, 23-foot-long, 1,000-pound Fiberglas Holstein in front of the Lake County Farm Bureau office was the object of attention and more than a few photos.

Delivered Tuesday night and installed in a prominent spot Wednesday morning, the to-be-named dairy cow immediately had the intended effect.

“I wanted to go big,” explained Greg Koeppen, farm bureau executive director. “We wanted to bring smiles to motorists’ faces as they drove by.”

Sightings also were posted on social media Tuesday night as the big girl was trucked from where she was “born” in Sparta, Wisconsin, to Grayslake.

“The vet told my mom I was the largest cow he ever delivered!” read a whimsical birth announcement posted Wednesday. As to her weight: “My mom ate lots of delicious Lake County corn and silage while she was pregnant.”

The Holstein is regarded as an opportunity to engage and educate the public on an activity that nearly has disappeared in Lake County.

The cow has her own Facebook page (LCFB Cow), and a naming contest is underway at lcfb.com/.

See the picture in today’s Daily Herald