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What’s wrong with kids these days?

Licking ice cream and putting it back, drinking and spitting into tea bottles – Gross!  What is up with today’s youth? ( I like to pronounce that the movie, “My Cousin Vinnie”).  Little known fact: I did not let Baby Beretta watch a lot of tv when she was a toddler.  In fact, she still only gets 1 hour of tv, and some days she doesn’t even watch that.  I have always preferred the River to the Tube for entertainment while raising a little one.  If she grows up to be a serial killer I can blame Scott and Danielle.  What are some fun activities for the kiddos this weekend so you can help provide some wholesome good fun?

Kane County Fair – check them out this weekend!

A/C Ideas:

Movies– The Lion King or Toy Story 4


Whatever you choose we have the soundtrack for your weekend – the entire family can enjoy together!

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