With Brexit dividing the country in half, United Kingdom might be the only country with more political tension than us right now.   So I thought I would send a little love across the ocean as we celebrate the many different British invasions that have made the soundtrack of our lives that much cooler.

Obviously the most famous of the British Invasions took place in the sixties when The Beatles and The Stones paved the way for other British bands to have success in the land of opportunity.

However the second wave (which was mostly new wave) came about in the eighties and really was less about the music and more about the music video’s.  Essentially the birth of MTV meant that the then new network needed music video’s to play.  In the eighties the Brit’s were definitely ahead of the game when it came to video’s.  They had been making them for their own music show Top of the Pops for a long time.  So when bands like Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls and newly inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members The Cure started getting a lot of air time on MTV – the birth of yet another British Invasion happened.

This is literally an impossible question for me.  I started with Duran Duran, then the Smiths, then the Clash, then T-Rex, New Order, Elton John, Queen, Oasis …. Forget it … I really can’t choose just one.

So I am just going to go with one of my favorite lads who just announced a US Tour co-headlining with Blondie (although I haven’t seen a Chicago date yet … hmmmm.)  Ladies and Gents … I give you Elvis … (no not that Elvis … the other one)  Elvis Costello and the Attractions with a song that the people of Great Britain kinda need to hear round about now …

So swing over to Facebook and choose a favorite Brit to cheer up our over seas brother and sisters.