What’s Your Favorite Super Bowl Food? Here’s Mine!

So we’ve suggested that you keep your Super Bowl gatherings down to your immediate household to avoid being a super spreader, but that doesn’t mean the food has to suffer. What are your favorite Super Bowl foods? AAAh so many to choose from….all sooo tempting. I’m always a guac guy and dips and chips for starters work for me too. Sliced cheese and a Triscuit or maybe a little cracked crab over cream cheese. I’ve made these, what we call pizza rolls (pictured above). A very complex and elongated process, but to die for when they’re done. See recipe below. Ribs, wings, beefs, meatballs, pizza, chili and all the other standards are more than acceptable….

Pizza Rolls: Makes 3 rolls. 1 pkg Rhodes Bread Dough, 3/4 lb. pepperoni sliced thin, 3/4 lb.Lorraine Swiss , 1 jar pepper rings, Parsley Chopped,Parmesan cheese, optional: Little Shredded mozzarella. Roll then brush with egg & garlic powder, bake 350 40 minutes until golden brown.


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