When a Flat Tire Turns into a Blessing.

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and yesterday morning, as I was on my way to my Zumba class, my tire lamp came on. I pulled onto a side street, got out of the car and looked at it. It looked low, but not flat. So I very slowly started driving toward the closest gas station but alas, I soon heard that familiar glub glub glub glub. I got that out of the car again and this time it was flat as a pancake. Okay, I got out my insurance card and called roadside assistance, then cleaned out a bunch of stuff in my trunk do we could get to my spare tire. The guy showed up in about half an hour, and it only took him about 10 minutes to change the tire and I was back on the road.

Now, I love my Zumba class, and I was super disappointed that I missed it. But I’m also so grateful that it didn’t happen on the highway like I had been on the night before. I was grateful that the roadside assistance came quickly, and I was grateful to get home a little earlier than I would have had I gone to Zumba, as Tuesday is also the day that I transport dogs and cats. Thank goodness it didn’t happen when I had them in the car! And so, I’m finding myself in a space a gratitude, which is, in and of itself, a blessing.

What ‘bad thing’  turned into a blessing for you? Let me know in the comments.

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