When is the right time to set up a tree?

We bought our real tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving, then decorated it around the beginning of December.  So we’ve been all set for a while.  I imagine most of you are too.

But different people have different opinions about that.

About 55 percent of Americans like sticking with tradition, saying the time to put up a tree is immediately after Thanksgiving, according to a recent Axios poll. However, about one-fifth of those surveyed say it’s OK to put up the tree before Thanksgiving — as long as it happens after Halloween.

A minority of the survey’s respondents, only 5.5 percent say it’s “never too early” to put a Christmas tree on display.

And finally, 2 percent believe a tree is appropriate only after December 20th, according to the survey.  What?!  Well, I guess it depends on how long they leave it up.

A friend of mine used to go around the house as early as the evening of the 25th taking down the decorations!  That is a bit much.  No, it’s a lot much!  As far as I’m concerned, the “season” continues until at least New Year’s Day.