When Was The Last Time You Made A BLT?

Now this may seem like a silly question, but when was the last time you made a BLT? I know, really! Well lemme splain! Last weekend someone posted picture of a BLT on Facebook and I looked at it and thought “Wow it’s been ages since I made one!” So I was headed to Jewel anyway and I gathered up the fixin’s and came home and made one. Oh my, it was sooo good! But before devouring it I took a picture and shared it on FB and I couldn’t believe the response I got. Not only was it a favorite of so many, but there were lots of others who hadn’t made one in quite a while either. I think I inspired a run on bacon. lettuce and tomatoes at some of the grocer’s and don’t forget the Hellman’s and the wheat bread. The ingredients are not without self life so I made another earlier in the week and finished most of all the rest today. Silly as it seems I thought I’d share my creation again just for fun. I hope I may have inspired you to go out and grab something you haven’t rustled up in a while. Sometimes the silliest things can remind us of some the best things in life. Bon Appetite.