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When Your Day Starts Like This, It Can Only Get Better, Right?

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and yesterday morning I had a whole bunch of mishaps, one after the other.

I had to be at this station at 5:30 to help with Danielle’s live broadcast. My car is in the shop, so I was going to take my daughter’s car, but my husband’s truck was parked behind it. So I pulled the truck out, and as I was about to pull it into the garage where my car usually is, I stopped because my husband is working on his bike in that spot.

So I parked the truck on the street, and ran back to the car. As I came to our retaining wall, I smacked my toe into it, hard!

I hobbled in the house, got some ice and looked for some arnica, which I didn’t find.

Got the truck back onto the parking pad, got back into my daughter’s car and saw that her low tire lamp was lit.

So I grabbed all my stuff, headed back into the truck and still made it to work at 5:33.

I went to urgent Care after I got off of work. The toe is broken, but only a fracture and I will heal up just fine.

Have you ever had one of those mornings? Tell me about it in the Facebook comments.

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