When You’re Celebrating Valentine’s Day in a Different Way

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and yes, Valentine’s Day is this Friday. Maybe you are not in the mood to celebrate, or maybe you’re even getting over a bad breakup. Well, have I got an idea for you!

Brookfield Zoo will name a cockroach in honor of your ex, but not just any cockroach. For $15, you can have a Madagascar Hissing cockroach named after your ex-partner, maybe your ex-boss, maybe even your ex-mother-in-law!

Your $15 donation gets you a certificate of naming that you can fill out and share with the honoree, or maybe hang on your wall as a momento. You’ll also receive the placement on The cockroach Naming Board inside the Hamill Family Play Zoo, by the Madagascar Hissing cCockroaches.

The board will be unveiled this Friday, Valentine’s Day, and Zoo admission is free on the weekend this month too.

Find out more about naming a cockroach at Brookfield Zoo HERE

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