Where Are All Our Chicago Sports Teams Headed?

As we wind our way through this damn pandemic watching everything we know and love fall by the wayside (going out to dinner, having a few drinks and hangin’ with friends in a bar, going to the movies or a concert, even shopping or gathering with family) I think we all long for some of what we use to have. As a golfer I’m happy to see live tournament action back on TV. I haven’t been able to play myself yet, because of an ongoing shoulder issue, but I’m working on that too. But now how bout all the other sports we’re so use to watching? Baseball, hockey and basketball are all making an attempt to have a shortened season of sorts, but as they progress more COVID cases pop up within the ranks of the players and others just opt out from this very usual and stressful season and that’s totally understandable. And what about the Bears? So here’s the latest on Chicago on going sports teams and seasons.

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