Where are those presents?  Who cares!

If you’re “Santa’s Helper” (wink) this year, a new survey might help you figure out the best – and worst – places to hide your gifts before December 25.

Now, I’m going to start by saying that this was never a problem in my house.  I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Anyway, the poll, conducted for Neighbor, found the top five hiding places were bedroom closets, a spare room, a coat closet, under the bed, and in the car trunk.  The survey also found, however, that the most popular hiding spot — the bedroom closet — is typically the first place eager gift receivers are going to snoop.

And the spot where hidden gifts seem to be discovered the fastest?  Nearly 60% of people who said their gifts were discovered in less than an hour hid them in the car trunk.

Here’s the thing.  My ex-wife and I both were of the mind that we actually like being surprised!  So why would we go snooping for our presents?  (For the record, my current wife feels the same way.)

Now I know that kids are a different story, but apparently we passed that attitude down.  I’d put the kids’ presents in a closet, cover them with black garbage bags, and say “don’t look there”.  End of story.

I can’t imagine who’d want to spoil their own surprise!