Where Did All These Goats Come From?

Hi, this is Leslie Harris filling in for Mitch Michaels.

A town in Wales, UK has experienced an unusual side effect of the pandemic. There’s been an explosion in the population of local goats. The town of Llandudno has been overrun with Kashmiri goats.

Now usually, locals give the goats contraceptives, but due to the pandemic, the volunteers have not been able to work with the goats. Since cars, and the people who drive them, have not been out on the streets, the goats have decided to take over. And once again, it is mating season for them, and they’re looking for love and all the wrong places.

While the goats are expected to retreat once mating season is over, officials are still worried that they may cause traffic accidents as people take to the roads once again. Fortunately they have asked motorists to keep an eye out for them.

Personally, I love goats. Maybe one day I’ll get to visit Llandudno and it’s Kashmiri goats. I bet Dawn Avello from our sister station Q-ROCK will come with me.

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