So truth be told … I am not a good napper.   I wish I could sleep on a plane, particularly the overnight flights but I really struggle.  I need a nice bed.  I need a dark room and I need it to be quiet.  (High maintenance sleeper … my poor husband!)

Anyhoo there was only one time that I successfully managed to sleep on a plane.  I used to work for a music management company in my twenties and I traveled with an artist called Cathy Dennis (look her up … you’ve probably heard her song Touch Me All Night Long  – but she is more successful as a song writer.  She wrote Britney Spears Toxic and Kylie Mingogue’s Can’t Get You Out of My Head .. she pretty’s cool.)

Anyhoo.   We had just done a bunch of promotional appearances in New York and were flying to South Korea (I know crazy but Cathy Dennis was big in South Korea.)  So it was a ridiculously long flight and right before we were scheduled to get on it I came down with the flu.  It hit me like a truck, I was so ill.  I managed to buy some Nyquil before we left and I maximum dosed myself up.   Our flight had to refuel in Alaska and everyone had to get off the plane.  However the insanely wonderful flight attendants on Thai Airways let me stay on the plane.   So I was the only passenger on the plane and I slept for the whole 3 hour layover in a very quiet, very dark plane cabin.   So that I guess is the weirdest place I have napped … not so much the fact that it was on a plane but the fact that it was on an empty plane in Alaska.

So swing over to Facebook and tell me the weird places you have napped.  (Hopefully it was less drug induced sleep than my weird nap!)