Where to Park If You Are Checking Out Downtown Naperville’s “Naper Lights” Holiday Lights Display

In what turned out to be a great decision for this Bears fan, I decided to take the family to downtown Naperville to check out their new and improved holiday lights display last night. The entire area is gorgeous but there’s a featured attraction at the Water Street district (adjacent to city hall) sponsored by the Rotary Club of Naperville at Jaycees.

The point of this post isn’t to tell you about it, though. I did that already. It’s to give you a very valuable piece of information…the best place to park!

Since the the “Naper Lights” display is right next to city hall, the best play to park is the municipal building parking deck! I highly suggest you park on the lower level under the building itself as it will put you just feet away from Jaycess Park where the really cool light up displays are located. Being on the lower level makes it a lot easier getting in and out of the car — especially with kids — since you’ll be out of the elements a bit.

There’s also the super convenient Water Street Parking Garage.

As with every parking recommendation, it’s only a suggestion. Read the signs and make sure you are parking in a legal spot at the time you are there or check out the City of Naperville’s parking information. But if you can get a spot under the municipal building, you’re golden!

Have fun!