Where to See Comet NEOWISE The Next Few Nights

For a while Comet NEOWISE was only visible in the pre-dawn hours, but NOW it’s available to view for those of us who enjoy sleep!

We’ve had some clouds the last few nights down in my neck of the woods of Plainfield, but tonight will be clear, so I’m hoping to grab a snapshot or two! I’ll even bust out my old telescope from when I was a kid and see what we can see.

A meteorologist from out east does a GREAT job explaining it. I’ve linked the website he’s using at the bottom

Get out right at sunset because it will dim as the night goes on. And you better act now, this thing won’t be back for about 6,800 years!

Here is a SUPER COOL website to track where NEOWISE (and like, every other celestial body) will be and when it will be visible.