Where Were You 35 Years Ago today?

Where were you 35 years ago today? Super Bowl XX and our Bears were there to meet (and eat) the New England Patriots. A game for the ages and what we thought was the start of a dynasty. Sadly that part didn’t come through but The Bears did for this afternoon. I was a Bear season ticket holder and had been at every game at Soldier Field including the two playoff games against the Giants and the Rams. Truly an amazing season and now here we were in The Super Bowl. I was on the air that afternoon on The Loop (watching while I rocked) and then at 7 when I got off I headed to My Cheers Twin Anchors Ribs to watch the rest of the game. That feeling of complete domination and total satifaction is one I will never forget. The Bears had done that to teams all year and now here they were doing to The Patriots in The Super Bowl. We were the champs.

Remember how the scoring went:

1 Patriots Tony Franklin 36 yard field goal 3 0
Bears Kevin Butler 28 yard field goal 3 3
Bears Kevin Butler 24 yard field goal 3 6
Bears Matt Suhey 11 yard rush (Kevin Butler kick) 3 13
2 Bears Jim McMahon 2 yard rush (Kevin Butler kick) 3 20
Bears Kevin Butler 24 yard field goal 3 23
3 Bears Jim McMahon 1 yard rush (Kevin Butler kick) 3 30
Bears Reggie Phillips 28 yard interception return (Kevin Butler kick) 3 37
Bears William Perry 1 yard rush (Kevin Butler kick) 3 44
4 Patriots Irving Fryar 8 yard pass from Steve Grogan (Tony Franklin kick) 10 44
Bears Safety, Waechter tackled Grogan in end zone 10 46

The Tribunes Paul Sullivan has a remembrance of that day. He was there. Click here.