Where Were You?

I was in my senior English class at Providence Catholic High School.

Televisions in each classroom started to be flipped on as word spread about what had happened. My first thought, like many’s, is that it was a tragic airline accident. Obviously it didn’t take long to realize that was wishful thinking as we all watched the second plane hit the tower. From that moment on, there wasn’t much book learning happening, but we all were getting an education. It wasn’t a lesson we wanted to learn, but man, did we learn it.

As the day went on, we followed our class schedule, going room to room, but all we did was watch what was unfolding in New York City. So did the rest of you.

The City of Aurora held a ceremony today full of emotional speeches from those who hold the same titles in the same professions that were lost 19 years ago. Their words hit home hard as they talk about what their brothers and sisters faced that day.

Thank you to our first responders. Thank you to everyday citizens who jump into action when the time comes.

Thank you.