Holy crap!  (No pun intended.  OK, maybe it was a little intended.)  We’re having our tub and shower replaced, and I made the mistake of looking in there in the middle of it.  (I’m not a DIY kind of guy, so yeah we’re having it done.)

So I don’t understand how the room can look a certain size with a bathtub in it, then seem to reduce to a third of that size when you take the tub out!  You took something out, right?  Technically, that should mean there are at least of few more inches of room!  So why does it now look like a closet with a sink in it?

OK, I’m using the word “now” kind of loosely.  There’s been some progress since I took that picture.  It looks like this:

Now isn’t it weird how it looks bigger when you add the tub?  Some strange space bending going on here.  I need to read more about Einstein.

Hey maybe if we fill it with a whole bunch of stuff, it’ll look like a grand ballroom!  I’ll let you know.