I am a very fortunate person in that I have done a lot of traveling.  Some for business and some for pleasure.   I have been on some seriously long flights.  I think the longest I had was New York to Alaska (where we refueled) and then onto South Korea.  I also flew back from Melbourne,  Australia via Delhi India to London.   We are talking flights that are well over 25 hours long.   I have certainly sat next to a variety of people on these flights.  Some interesting … some not so much.

So this had me thinking … which musician would I like to sit next to on a long flight.   My first thought was Elvis Costello.  I love Elvis …but he can be a little moody … so if I was getting happy Elvis I would have an amazing flight but if I was getting grumpy Elvis … that would be a long haul!

I think I would probably like to sit next to Bono.  There would be so much to talk about.  I would ask him about growing up in Dublin, I would ask him about the band and his Live Aid performance and when we had finished that discussion, maybe had our dinner and a little nap, I would then ask him all about his charity work.  In particular the work he does in Africa.  I would ask him about Nelson Mandela and other leaders he had met.  I would ask him so much … I would be the most annoying person Bono has ever sat next too.   He may even request a seat change mid flight … that’s how annoying I would be.

So who would you like to annoy on a really long flight?  Jet over to Facebook and let me know.