So occasionally you get tickets to go see your favorite band and there is an opener that either you haven’t heard of or you have heard of but they aren’t the reason you went to see the show.   Last summer I went to see Cheap Trick at the Last Fling and Lucky Boy Confusion were opening for them … I was not familiar with them at all but they really rocked it and I am now a fan.  However so did Cheap Trick on that night so I can’t say they blew away the headliner.  However there is one show where that absolutely did happen for me.

A few years ago I bought tickets to go and see Hall and Oates.  I realized I had never seen them live and although I am not a huge fan I do like a lot of their songs and think Daryl Hall’s voice is pretty fab.  Tears for Fears were opening.  I do like Tears for Fears a lot but I assumed they would be a little bit miserable live.  They always had this reputation in the eighties of being rather glum and a lot of their songs are a bit depressing.   I totally assumed Hall and Oates would be tons of fun and Tears for Fears would be rather dull.   WRONG!

Tears For Fears rocked it.  They were super fun, had a great sense of humor on stage and sounded amazing.  Their band was really tight and their voices harmonized perfectly.   It was such an amazing show that I have been waiting for the band to come back to Chicago ever since because I would not want to miss them.

Then Hall and Oates came on stage.   Truth be told I think they were high … they just seemed stoned or tired or both.  Either way they totally mailed it in.  Maybe it was an off night, maybe something had happened that day that darkened their mood – it was just boring.  We didn’t stay for the whole show.

So there you go…. now tell me what show did you go to where the opening act blew away the headliner?