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Which Parent is the better teacher when it comes to learning to drive?

My Dad was the only one that taught me to drive.  My Mom was busy enough with four other kids…the last thing she wanted to do was teach me to drive.  My Dad was very patient and understanding.  Loved it.  Until my older brother decided to try out “standard” driving for the first time.

We were parked in our driveway which was quite an incline.  He got to the top and took it out of gear, turned the car off and we rolled back down the driveway and stopped at the base of a tree.  No damage done except for my brother’s pride.  His younger brother (me) had already mastered the 3 on the tree!

Check out this survey about which Parent is the better driver.

A survey by reveals that teens would rather have their father (27.5%) teach them how to drive than their mother (23.1%). Other findings:

– 30% of teens say it’s less stressful when they drive with their father than their mother.

– 15% of teens have more trust in their father driving than their mother

– 14% of teens feel safer driving with their father than their mother

– 11% of teens say their mother has no patience behind the wheel

– 7% of teens would prefer their older brother or sister teach them how to drive.

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