So there are a lot of weird album covers out there …. most that involve strange random family folk bands or lounge singers you have never heard of.  Occasionally though artists who are hugely successful get it totally wrong with album art.   Above are my four least favorite album covers …

Starting with the Beatles (there is actually two versions of this album for obvious reasons)  I mean what were they thinking.  Let’s all be butchers and sit with chopped up babies … nothing says … And your Bird can Sing or Day Tripper like chopped up babies.  It is such a great album musically but a really awful cover.

Second one … Black Sabbath – Born again.   I mean I get it Black Sabbath are a dark band but scary baby demon just is ridiculous (scary but ridiculous).

Queen …The Miracle … This is a classic example of why just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.  This was probably a pretty crazy special effect back in 1989 but the end result is just weird (and not in a good way – sorry lads.)

Lastly I have to go with Neil Diamond’s Hot August Night.  My parents had this album and I always thought he looked so strange on the cover … it wasn’t until I was older that I questioned what he was doing with his hands!?! – (Don’t answer that question!)

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