Yesterday did not start off as beautiful as this morning looks.  There was maybe one second of sunshine and then sprinkles…and then torrential downpour.  Later today looks nicer, but it is COLD this morning!  At least we are technically above freezing.  After work yesterday my husband and I brought Baby Beretta downtown Wheaton for the Boo-Palooza.  It was so busy!  We started off as a Princess and then ended up an Average Kid in a Winter Coat.  There were some pretty smart costumes to keep kids warm without covering it all with a winter coats…but I didn’t think of that.  Our favorite spot to visit every year is Holstein’s Garage.  They gave out that big brown bag with most of the stuff on the counter.  It’s like their auto repair–one stop shop 🙂  The weather was so windy and harsh that we started there and only had to hit 10 more spots to be able to go home to feel it was worth while.  What is not pictured is the coveted candy that she picked out to have as her allowed One Treat A Day.  (As a kid I did not follow that rule….I ate the entire pillowcase at my leisure)  What is missing????  LIK-M-AID Fun Dip.  She had never had it before.  What rock am I keeping this child under?  It was hilarious to watch my husband coach her on not eating the stick and how you need it to access the powder.  That is a sugar high I am sure she is still coming down from as I sit here at the River almost 24 hours later….scary!  If you head out today to more Downtown Areas make sure you check for the candy crack–I’ve got a kid that will trade that Full Size Hersheys for another hit!