So as I mentioned earlier the rock world is full of foolish folk and we often end up paying the price for their foolish behavior by being denied future music that they undoubtedly would have made if they weren’t so foolish!

So I did watch Motley Crue’s The Dirt over the weekend and can I just say after watching it I realized how much I REALLY LOVE Bohemian Rhapsody!   I mean it wasn’t completely terrible … I just found watching such destructive behavior (literally and figuratively) so frustrating.  But choosing Motley Crue as the biggest fool seems too easy.

So I started thinking on this April Fools Day about some of the biggest Fools in Rock and Roll.  I realized for me the definition of a fool in entertainment is someone who throws away good opportunities because of petty differences.   Think of how many bands who made amazing albums only to break up because of overinflated egos.   They then went on to have lame solo careers or start different bands that don’t end up doing much of anything.  … and on that note … ladies and gentleman … I give you … the Gallagher brothers.  Noel and Liam …. Truly a powerhouse together with Noel’s amazing songwriting and Liam’s amazing interpretation of those songs… but being fools they let sibling rivalry get in the way and on their own they have never produced anything close to being as amazing as Oasis.

Happy April Fools you foolish lads … (side note … if they read this they will swear at me A LOT but the good news is that I won’t be able to understand a word they say … even most English people can’t understand them! )