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Who is your favorite British band or artist?

There have been more than a few British Invasions in America (music ones of course)… almost every decade really since the birth of Rock n’Roll.   Are there American invasions in England?  Nope … not a single one.  You want to know why?  Because we always love American music.  It’s always on our charts, it’s always on our concert stages and it’s always in our record collections.  We have always loved American music.  American rock n’roll inspired The Beatles and The Stones.  Brits love Motown and soul music, we love grunge and rap … we struggle a bit with country and western but we love Dolly Parton … I mean doesn’t everybody love Dolly Parton?   There are some amazing American artists that don’t catch on as much in America but do really well in England (Kings of Leon are huge in England and Ireland ).  But back to British bands … In general a lot of our best bands do go on to make it big in America but occasionally there are some really good bands and artists that just don’t make that jump across the pond (The Jam, Robbie Williams, The Libertines)   One of my favorite was a band that I first heard when I was visiting England in 2006.

The Feeling are a British band who have five studio albums and eighteen singles to their name.  Their debut album, Twelve Stops and Home was released in 2006, and reached number 2 in the UK Albums Chart. The album produced five top-forty singles. Their second album, Join With Us, produced four singles and reached number 1 in the UK Albums Chart.  However they never cracked America … so to say they are my favorite would not be true … but I thought I would take this opportunity to post one of their tracks …

Have a great rest of your month … the Music Challenge will be back July 1st 🙂

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