Tonight is the Night!  River Prom 2019.  The Theme is “Life’s A Ball, Let’s Have a Masquerade”.  That’s all we really want to do anyway.  Hide behind our crappy “now” lives and go back in time to our best “then” lives.  I imagined my life would be totally different 15 years ago.  (That is funny that I am pretending that this high school photo was from 15 years ago! Ha  –   You can tell by the hair that this is circa 1995)

I have heard some River Gossip.  We will have radio staff taking the masquerade theme very seriously.  I can’t wait to see if I can guess who is who with all the disguises!  One Masked Man is working very hard on a persona for his “Evil Twin”!

To get you in the mood for the Prom and to keep your mind off the SNOW I have some suggestions.  You should snuggle up to a masquerade movie this afternoon before your Limo / Snow blower / Zamboni picks you up for your date.  I researched a few movies that have fun Masquerade scenes for your viewing pleasure.   You can check out a few scenes from “Phantom of the Opera”, “Sweeney Todd”, “The Man in the Iron Mask” or even “Romeo and Juliet” to get in the mood.

In conclusion, Mother Nature has decided to change up our Beautiful Spring to make it look like Old Man Winter and here at the River we will keep everyone guessing tonight, too 🙂